Western Springs Aquifer protection and Stormwater

June 21st, 2017

Meola Creek and Albert Eden Local Board area are underlain by the largest aquifer under Auckland Council’s protection. It is so large it has at least 3 different names “Three Kings-Meola-Western Springs”.

STEPS has submitted to Albert Eden, Waitemata and Puketepapa Local Boards asking them to adopt a joint strategy to protecting the aquifer and restoring the creeks and wetlands associated with it.

We note that Minister Nick Smith has accepted an application for a Water Conservation Order (WCO) for the coldwater springs in Golden Bay — and for the Arthur Marble aquifer that feeds them. Pupu Springs is just twice as big as the Meola Aquifer and we applaud recognition of such a valuable taonga.

STEPS has also pointed out the need for stormwater infrastructure in Albert Eden area.  While Meola is the largest catchment on the isthmus, it has the least stormwater infrastructure.  The Central interceptor will provide sewerage/ wastewater pipes. It is essential that it is supplemented by stormwater pipes to treat heavy metals and runoff from our roads.  The Unitary plan intends to add 2 sq kilometers more of impervious hard surfaces -adding millions of cubic meters of stormwater each year. Despite this, Long Term Plan and Stormwater Asset Management Plans specify zero expenditure in Meola catchment.   We are working with a Stormwater/ Wastewater coalition to bring these facts to the attention of our Mayor and Councillors. Without stormwater infrastructure, any housing & intensifications plans will fail to meet people’s needs. See STEPS Submission

REQUEST : – please make sure your Local Board and Councillors know how important these things are.

Join STEPS and come along to our cleanup days – second Saturday of every month. Watch this site for location.

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