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St Lukes Environmental Protection Society (STEPS) was incorporated in 2005. Its purpose is to protect and enhance the environment and amenities in the St Lukes area. Read more ...

Roy Clements Treeway Mt Albert flooding 2023

February 2nd, 2023

From high floods, and a a submerged bridge to a fully functional boardwalk in less than two hours – see photos of Waitītiko Meola Creek Wed 1 February 2023, 8.29am to 8.34am. Also see our STEPS cleanup group later in the afternoon.

Our thoughts go to the families affected by the floods and all those who are responding. The Roy Clements Treeway provides time out with nature to all people. Come along for a break.

Thanks to Watercare, AC Healthy Waters and AELB for contributions to this infrastructure, linking Haverstock Rd Sandringham, St Lukes Megacentre, and Mt Albert Grammar School, Alberton Avenue. Thanks to Freddie, Sel, Trev – the cleanup group every Wednesday 5pm.

RCT 1 Feb 8.30am
RCT 1 Feb 8.30am

RCT 1 Feb 8.30am

RCT 1 Feb 8.30am
RCT 1 Feb 8.30am
RCT 1 Feb 10.51 am
RCT 1 Feb 11.09am
RCT 1 Feb 5.01pm
RCT 1 Feb 5.15pm

2022 Mountain to the Sea Walks completed

September 27th, 2022

A couple of successful walks from the Mountain to the Sea for 2022. The first day sold out much to our surprise, although we had a few no-shows as people realised it was Fathers Day.

Fantastic talks by Roy, Sel and Ben were much appreciated by the audiences. It was great to see people who were just out for a walk get an introduction to Waitītiko Meola Creek and conservation.


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