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Waitītiko-Meola Creek Mountain to Sea Walk, Sunday 20 & 27 October

September 15th, 2019

STEPS will take you on a journey through the catchment of the Meola Waitītiko. The creek has a varied history – wetlands have changes to wasteland and back again, sections have been derelict and are now prized, and some parts are still lost.

We will start from the summit of Ōwairaka / Mount Albert and end at Meola Reef Te Tokaroa, where the creek meets the Waitematā Harbour. Along the way, we will visit reserves, rock forest, bush, roads and walkways, always with the stream nearby.

Walk 1: Sunday 20 October. Meet at Mt Albert Owairaka Summit Trig Station 0930.

Walk 2: Sunday 27 October. Meet at Western Springs Garden Community Hall 0930.

We welcome families and people with an interest in the history and state of the largest catchment on the Auckland isthmus. See more details at  Waititiko/Meola Creek Mountain to Sea Walk

Biodiversity and Native Bees

September 17th, 2018

Have you ever thought about the role of NZ’s 28 species of native bees in pollinating our flowers and keeping our forests alive? Here is a handy guide including how to make a pollinator palace in your back yard so that the gardens and parks around you will continue to thrive.

According to Te Ara Te Ara Encyclopaedia of NZ 25 of 28 local bee species are solitary – with only three having a social structure.  (Perhaps there is a similarity to the NZ “Man Alone”  character written about by John Mulgan? It is an ecological book, containing themes of fire and vulcanism very relevant today).

A free talk on how to identify native bees will be held this Friday 21 September 2018 in Auckland -all welcome.

Western Springs Significant Ecological Area

August 21st, 2018

Western Springs Lakeside Reserve is a taonga, and was identified as top priority #1 restoration reserve in Waitemata Local Board for flora and fauna. Auckland Unitary plan says it the lava rock is an outstanding natural feature, and the entire area is a significant ecological area (SEA) across both land and water. It has magnificent surface lava flows, maturing rock forest, springs and a polluted lake with a waterfowl problem. We expect it to have protection.

We encourage members to make a submission on this key part of Auckland’s lava flow and water heritage. The proposed development plan is now available for consultation until  27 Aug at have-your-say western-springs-lakeside

The draft plan would clean the lake up and make it healthy, feed eels and birds, and remove some large pines. There would be new paths (apparently across the lava flows), updated playground and events areas, addition of deciduous exotic trees especially cherries, to show seasonal change and enhance the Japanese garden. All this in an SEA protected area which includes sensitive rock forest.

We recommend from an ecological perspective: enhance and enrich rock forest, and improve weed and pest management in this forest.  In addition focus is needed by AC on soakage area and aquifer water quality.

 pahoehoe lava

pelargonium inodorum

STEPS presented to the Waitemata Local board at the 21 August business meeting  – link to slides here.

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