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Moth Plant at the Springs

June 2nd, 2022

Many thanks to Richard, David, Mary, Damien, Chris, Sel, & Alastair, volunteers. On Tuesday 31 May with support from Allan & Faizal of Plant and Food we managed to remove some very high moth plant fruit from the top of Meola Creek catchment. We beat the rain, did the job and had some fun!

Discussions have been held about making our visits more timely as moth plan from the top of the catchment is a big cost and a threat to neighbours and communities downstream. Moves are also afoot to raise awareness in the workplace, so its possible we may see more people enjoying the outdoors in future.

Whakawātea ceremony

May 29th, 2022

On Friday Roy, Freddie, Trev and Liz went to the Treeway when it opened in the afternoon. Auckland Council had arranged a whakawātea or special blessing that day. We spoke with the kaikarakia and they explained they used water and a special ceremony for cleansing. The intent is to lift the heaviness that we as a community and as individuals feel after such a shattering event. We walked through the Treeway together on a lovely afternoon thinking about the person and their whanau, and the beauty of the surroundings.

Our community feels upset and unhappy. We extend our deep sympathy to the whanau of the unfortunate and undeserving victim of this crime. We thank the police, community, and all responders.

The crime status is explained here:

Your thoughts are welcome at this very sad time.

Cleaning up Waitītiko Meola Creek

March 20th, 2022

Have you ever wondered what that floating device on Meola Creek near Pasadena Intermediate does and how it works?

Litter Trap on Waitītiko

Thanks to Heidi, the Kea Scout Leader at the Point Chev Air Scouts who asked the question. Healthy Waters at Auckland Council provided the following information.

The Meola litter trap was installed a while ago, It works by funnelling floating debris that is carried downstream by the current into the main compartment. The debris becomes trapped in the main compartment which can then be removed. Litter traps are inspected once a week and debris is removed.

The Meola litter trap also has a vertical grille (the part with a bit of purple graffiti on it in the attached photo) to prevent it being used as a bridge to cross the creek.

The following web page provides the latest information on these devices –   Typically we don’t get as much litter as shown in the pictures on the website however.

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