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Sandringham Litter Campaign – Stop litter from entering Meola Creek (and elsewhere)

July 4th, 2012

Auckland Council is running the Sandringham Litter Campaign which seeks to reduce littering behaviours locally.

Sandringham litter flows from drains into the Meola catchment.

Sandringham residents and STEPS can support the campaign if they are able is to :

  • use car litter bags in vehicles, have spare bags to give out to friends and whanau.
  • ring 0800INTHEBIN with details of event and offender if they see someone throw litter from a vehicle.
  • always have their wheelie bins lids completely closed so no litter is generated from them.
  • use a No Circulars sticker on letterboxes if they don’t want unaddressed mail.
  • Report trolleys by calling: Ph 09 353 9126 or Mobile 027 499 2080.
  • tell others that these things, above, can be done.

STEPS AGM highlights, weeds, Westmere Coastal walkway and Central Interceptor

July 4th, 2012

STEPS AGM was held on 14 June 2012 at Alberton.

Some of the highlights were:
– a presentation on weeds in Meola catchment by Melissa Marler
– a talk from Sandra Anderson on the new “Westmere Coastal walkway” which will extend to Te Tokaroa/ Meola Reef and is funded by the Waitemata Local Board
– a presentation on the Central Interceptor by Watercare Services.

A resolution was passed as follows: That STEPS seek to agree a process whereby STEPS can pro-actively work with Watercare during the planning / construction of the Central Interceptor, particularly in relation to the three upper Meola sites (Haverstock, Lyon Ave, Mt Albert Memorial), and with regard to daylighting, stream naturalisation and landscaping.