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Surveying Roy Clements Treeway – Central Interceptor

September 26th, 2019

Watercare has advised us that as part of the early site investigation works, Ghella Abergeldie JV will be undertaking topographical surveys at the Lyon Avenue site.

Surveyors will access the site via SLGA and Morningstar Pl, park in the existing Watercare designated parking area and walk in via the footpath.  Works will commence in the week beginning 7 October.   The topographical survey takes about one day to complete and we will follow with an engineer’s visit to site to view the survey mark out.

The link below includes more information such as a map. If any further information is needed please contact Carol Moffatt  <>.

2019 Sep

Restoring Springs at Chamberlain Park and Western Springs

September 23rd, 2019

Three STEPS members attended a “Family Fun Day” at Chamberlain Park on Friday 20th around 5pm. We we were shown around some of the course while keeping an eye on golfers playing their shots. We learnt there is some confusion about the location of springs and wetlands before the development of the golf course.

Last year STEPS asked the Waitemata Local Board for an ecological restoration of Western Springs (Te Wai Orea) [3], and we ask for the same thing for Chamberlain Park. We were delighted to hear so many Auckland Councillors proclaiming similar views during the 10 July meeting of the Environment and Community Committee.

We now call on all Council and Local Board candidates in all parties to unite to protect Chamberlain Park’s high ecological values, and enhance this much loved site. We ask Auckland Council and the Albert Eden / Waitemata Local Boards to work together and commit to restoring the springs and wetlands in both Western Springs and Chamberlain Park, along with the rare lava rock forest bordering Waititiko Meola creek and at Te Wai Orea.

Background: Russell and Rogers, 1977 clearly refer to a ‘major spring’ in Chamberlain Park, and show a ‘spring discharge’ (marked “ME” and referred to at the top of table 1 page 718) on the map close to where wetland restoration is planned.

Their map shows Western Springs and Chamberlain Park as one continuous area. According to the Auckland Unitary Plan Western Springs Aquifer has water availability of 9.6 million cubic meters per year, and is the largest aquifer under the protection of the Auckland Council [1]. From 1877-1910 this aquifer and springs provided Auckland city’s main water supply [2]. Russell and Rogers measured the flow of the Chamberlain Park spring as about 25% of the flow in Western Springs domain, a sizable volume of water.

[1] Nov 2016 Auckland Unitary plan


[3] STEPS 2018 Western Springs action

Waitītiko-Meola Creek Mountain to Sea Walk, Sunday 20 & 27 October

September 15th, 2019

STEPS will take you on a journey through the catchment of the Meola Waitītiko. The creek has a varied history – wetlands have changes to wasteland and back again, sections have been derelict and are now prized, and some parts are still lost.

We will start from the summit of Ōwairaka / Mount Albert and end at Meola Reef Te Tokaroa, where the creek meets the Waitematā Harbour. Along the way, we will visit reserves, rock forest, bush, roads and walkways, always with the stream nearby.

Walk 1: Sunday 20 October. Meet at Mt Albert Owairaka Summit Trig Station 0930.

Walk 2: Sunday 27 October. Meet at Western Springs Garden Community Hall 0930.

We welcome families and people with an interest in the history and state of the largest catchment on the Auckland isthmus. See more details at  Waititiko/Meola Creek Mountain to Sea Walk

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