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Contacts for Meola Creek Problems

March 31st, 2009

Pollution incidents should be reported immediately to ARC hotline:

Phone 377-3107

Abandoned shopping trolleys should be reported to:

Ellen Schindler Project Officer Compliance

Auckland City Environments

Auckland City Council
T: 353 9126

F: 353 9668

Blockages in the creek, other rubbish dumping in the creek, or problems relating to the boardwalk in the Mt Albert Grammar school grounds should be reported to:

Phillip Johansen


T: 624-4800

Tagging, stray dogs, problems with signs, graffiti or other items in the Kerr Taylor Reserve should be reported to:

Auckland City

T: 379-2020




Meola Creek

Auckland City Council – owner

One of only 5 Auckland City creeks owned by Auckland City and managed by Metrowater

Water and waste water (including sewage)

Metrowater – ‘Retail’ sewers

Watercare Services – ‘Wholesale’ sewers and outfalls at 96 Haverstock Rd and 3 Lyon Ave

Storm water

Auckland City Council – owner

Combined sewers (storm water and waste water)

Auckland City Council – owner

Contracts Metrowater to separate the sewers and jointly decide funding/ priorities

Creek bed

DOC – owns the water course in Meola Creek

DOC advises that it is managed by Auckland City Council

Water quality in Meola Creek

Auckland City

Meola Creek References

March 24th, 2009

Some info from Metrowater:

Metrowater manage the creek on behalf of Auckland City who own Meola and four other urban streams on the Auckland isthmus:

The Meola Creek catchment is predominantly under residential land use
with small area of light industry and commercial use, such as St Lukes
shopping centre.
Stormwater disposal via soakage to the underlying volcanic aquifer
occurs across much of the catchment.  This recharges the aquifer, from
which groundwater discharges into Meola stream to the south of the
groundwater divide and, by virtue of the outflow from Western Springs,
into Motions Creek north of the divide.  In the remainder of each
catchment stormwater is piped through the combined stormwater/wastewater
system from which wastewater overflows can occur during some events.

Meola Reef Reserve and land to the south of Meola Road between the two
creeks (Meola and Motions) was previously a landfill.  Although the
landfill has been closed since the 1970’s, leachate discharges have
continued, leading to a current programme of landfill remediation.

Meola Creek has value as a public amenity and an aquatic ecosystem.
Consequently, knowledge of the water quality and the level of
contamination contributed by stormwater and wastewater inputs is
important for the management of the stream.

Metrowater and Auckland City Council have commissioned many studies to
establish baseline water quality conditions in multiple Auckland
Streams.  The results of these studies can then be compared to future
monitoring results to identify the extent of any changes over time.

For extra info about Meola and water catchments in Auckland City:

The most comprehensive source was published in 2001: Auckland City Drainage System Resource Consents Assessment of Environmental Effects

There are 14 separate chapters published on the web – by Metrowater…  here is one
You can search by chapters and there is an index – they are all similarly
named. Chapter 7 is in fact the biological environment – and chapter 8 is the assessment of environmental impacts. There are also more references.

Aspects of drainage and issues and the new Roy Clements Treeway Boardwalk Project

A general introduction to Meola Creek which includes some stormwater

For general information on stormwater and understanding stormwater and
stormwater systems and issue visit the ARC website/page:

Other references




Auckland City Drainage System Resource Consents Assessment of Environmental Effects

Auckland City, Metrowater

March 2001


Water Quality Monitoring Report. ICS Area 1: Integrated Catchment Study Stage 1D. Meola and Motions Creek

Sinclair Knight Merz Ltd.

Feb 2004

Meola Stormwater Management Plan. Volume 5. Management Plan – Issue D

City Design

Sep 1997

Meola Catchment Groundwater Soakage. Study Stage 2. Investigations

City Design

May 1998

Meola Integrated Catchment Management Project. Phase 1 Report – Volume 1. May 2000 DRAFT

Sinclair Knight Merz

May 2000

Meola Reef and Associated Reserves. Draft Management Plan

City Design


Meola Integrated Catchment Management Project. Phase 2 Report – Remedial Options

Sinclair Knight Merz

Feb 2002

Meola Reef Picnic

March 19th, 2009

Nick Goldwater, Deputy Chair of STEPS will speak at the Meola Reef picnic Saturday, 21 March.  STEPS members are very pleased to join with other community groups and people who care for the Meola creek and estuary.

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