December 12th, 2007

St Lukes Environmental Protection Society (STEPS) was incorporated in 2005. Its purpose is to protect and enhance the environment and amenities in the St Lukes area.

Increased commercial and residential pressure in St Lukes, Sandringham and Mt Albert have had some unfortunate side-effects. For example, Auckland Council signs warn of the polluted state of Meola Creek due to frequent overflows from sewers and stormwater drains.

Meola Creek-Waititiko originates from Mt Albert-Owairaka and runs through Kerr Taylor Reserve and the Roy Clements Treeway. A tributary arises in the nearby Mount Albert Grammar School Farm, and together these three green spaces represent a ‘breathing space’ in the busy St Lukes district.

IMG_2396 cMeola Creek catchment

Waititiko has the largest catchment on the Auckland isthmus, including the suburbs of Mt Albert, Mt Eden, Balmoral, Sandringham and Point Chevalier. It runs through Chamberlain Park and reaches Waitemata Harbour just west of Meola Reef-Te Tokaroa, the longest lava flow in Auckland. Te Tokaroa originates at Mt St John volcano and extends over 10 km, nearly crossing Waitemata Harbour to within 600 m of Kauri Point on the North Shore.

Aims of the Society

  • Protect and enhance Meola Creek, the Roy Clements Treeway, Kerr Taylor Park, and the underlying aquifer;
  • Inform people in the use of the Meola Creek and its environs in a responsible and sustainable manner
  • Promote and encourage community involvement and support in the restoration of Meola Creek
  • Consult and work alongside iwi, community groups, schools and other stakeholders

A significant achievement has been the plantings in the Roy Clements Treeway (a significant Ecological area or SEA), where the community joins to plant and weed the rock forest, the flood plain and the wetland every year. Over the past decade we have actively worked with the Albert Eden Local Board, Wai Care, AC Stormwater team and Watercare Services to support their efforts to tackle water pollution. The boardwalk is used by hundreds of people every day, and we have raised public awareness of the problems faced by the area via articles in the Central Leader and a TV interview posted on youtube.  We have had visits from Auckland Mayors and from the Mt Albert Member of Parliament to view the problems in person. We believe that our efforts to raise the profile of the area will benefit the creek and reserve and local enjoyment of it.   Roy Clements is our patron and an inspiration.

IMG_6180 c wetland fog        IMG_5337c toetoe2

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