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Balmoral Cubs and Scouts Care for our creek.

November 2nd, 2018

STEPS was delighted to meet the Balmoral Cub and Scout Group at Waitītiko Meola Creek on 24 October.  It was a high energy occasion with the groups and leaders picking up lots of litter. Group members were very interested to learn about the STEPS wetland, springs and new plants on the Roy Clements Treeway. Thanks to Sam and the leaders – they were a wonderful group and we invited them back soon!



Water problems in Waitītiko Meola Creek

November 2nd, 2018

We were disappointed to see on 30-31 October 2018 the water coming from the piped MAGS farm tributary was distinctly polluted.


Left picture 11 am 31 October. Right picture 4pm 30th October.

After a number of delays in reporting to the pollution hotline, the council officer came out as soon as he heard. By 6.30pm on 31st the flow had stopped.  There was no special activity reported at the farm on either day. We can only guess is that construction works had somehow affected  the water in this pipe.

This creek has a very high sediment load already with more than 1 million cubic meters of sewage laden stormwater flowing through it each year. Auckland is one of the few cities in Australasia which still mixes stormwater with sewage and sends it into streams.  Some works are projected to take place in association with the Central Interceptor project to reduce combined waste-stormwater. We do not need additional sediment like this at any time.

If you see this kind of problem at any outlet at any time, please call the Pollution Hotline – available 24 hours per day on 09 377 3107.

November 2018 Event @ Roy Clements Treeway

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