Join us for the August Planting on the Roy Clements Treeway

Roy Clements Treeway improvements

July 10th, 2019

For many years we have been concerned by several large privets in the midst of the lava rock forest on the Roy Clements Treeway. While they provide food for birds they also create the risk of exotic pest plants outgrowing the local species, and provide a large seed source of weeds. The health of many people with respiratory conditions are affected by  privet when they are in flower.

We are pleased that Watercare and Council contractors will be removing several privets next week.  They have chosen to do it during the school holidays to minimise the impact on the local community.

Closure:  Most of the Roy Clements Treeway will be closed during week starting 15th July.

This will allow the arborists to remove these pest trees in a way that will ensure public safety.   There will be signs at each entrance regarding the closure.

Eliminating pest plants on Waitītiko

July 3rd, 2019

Yesterday STEPS and our friends the Freelance Moth Plant Removers had a third session in a large property at the top of the Waititiko Meola catchment.  Margaret and Camilla worked around the wetland; Jeremy and Oliver worked back along the watercourse (source of Meola Creek), and Jean, Keith, Sel, Neil, Shannon and Liz went along the western boundary to remove moth plant pods before they could burst. We hope we prevented millions of future plants!


The weeds had become entrenched since the gardener of many years moved on. Both moth plant (Araujia  hortorum) and woolly nightshade ( Solanum mauritianum) are listed as pest plants by Auckland Council.   We plan to soon finish off many woolly nightshades which are still there in order to provide the owner with a clear starting point for containing these weeds.  Unfortunately each araujia pod may have 1000 seeds and the ground will now be covered in seedlings for many more years.

The top of the catchment is a critical point for transmitting weeds down to the neighbours and wider catchment. This is the last of four large watershed properties to commit to managing weeds and we have been delighted by the enthusiasm of staff volunteers. Because we don’t want to repeat this effort here we now plan to work with the gardening management and team to prevent recurrences.


Thanks so much to Jean who organised us and provided photos;  and to Keith and those who brought gear; Shannon for materials and for joining us and of course our large professional gang who did all the work – the largest so far according to Jean!

“They also serve who only stand and watch admiringly”😃

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