Meola Creek and Roy Clements Treeway

The St Lukes Environmental Protection Society (STEPS) was incorporated in 2005. Its purpose is to act as a body, giving voice and taking action to protect and enhance the environment and amenities in the St Lukes area. Read more ...

NZTRI and AUT host STEPS website

December 9th, 2016

STEPS has been working with NZ Tourism Research Institute at Auckland University of Technology for a number of years.  Recently NZTRI has taken over the hosting of this Meola Creek website, so we have a more reliable platform for blogs, photos and other news. We thank Nat Dobbin and Simon Milne and the NZTRI team.

If you have anything to contribute please contact us via our website.

Current Projects – Signs in Roy Clements Treeway

December 9th, 2016

STEPS has asked Auckland Council for updates to the interpretive  signs on the Roy Clements treeway, and 7 signs are now in the Albert Eden Local Board budget for July 2016-June 2017.

We are modifying existing signs, updating the text / photos and relocating some;  adding also a map.   One particular concern we have is in relation to the strength and nature of the materials and their accessibility / location. Since vandalism (tagging) remains an issue AC cleans them regularly. AC will soon appoint a technical designer to assist.


STEPS has drafted text and started collecting photos old and new. Some of the main topics we are working with are:

  • Mount Albert Grammar School and Roy Clements
  • Community restoration planting
  • Health of waterways
  • Wetlands
  • Springs and aquifers


We also plan the use of QR codes for more detail, by placing on each sign a QR code which refers to a particular web page. People use their mobiles to link for further information.  – eg species list for each different location.  Over time we could include birds & fish as well as plants.

If you have photos or ideas please contact us through our web site.

Species list for Roy Clements Treeway

September 10th, 2016

The attached species list was compiled in 2016 by Sel Arbuckle and Liz Walker. Nick Goldwater has now added a few more wetland species. STEPS thanks Sel and Nick.

If you have additional information please contact us via our web site.

PLANTS Meola 2016 BW Nov

Info was also added from:
Esler, AE. Changes in the native plant cover of urban Auckland, New Zealand, NZ Journal of Botany, 1991, Vol 29, 177-196
Key to Community:
C coastal under influence of salt water
W wetland freshwater, open country
S scrub woody, devping thru manuka/ kanuka
F forest tall, little or no manuka/ kanuka
O open dry to moist open places

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