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Water problems in Waitītiko Meola Creek

November 2nd, 2018

We were disappointed to see on 30-31 October 2018 the water coming from the piped MAGS farm tributary was distinctly polluted.


Left picture 11 am 31 October. Right picture 4pm 30th October.

After a number of delays in reporting to the pollution hotline, the council officer came out as soon as he heard. By 6.30pm on 31st the flow had stopped.  There was no special activity reported at the farm on either day. We can only guess is that construction works had somehow affected  the water in this pipe.

This creek has a very high sediment load already with more than 1 million cubic meters of sewage laden stormwater flowing through it each year. Auckland is one of the few cities in Australasia which still mixes stormwater with sewage and sends it into streams.  Some works are projected to take place in association with the Central Interceptor project to reduce combined waste-stormwater. We do not need additional sediment like this at any time.

If you see this kind of problem at any outlet at any time, please call the Pollution Hotline – available 24 hours per day on 09 377 3107.

Wetlands of Waitītiko

October 2nd, 2018

STEPS gave a talk on our Meola wetland at the National Wetland Symposium on 26 September.

Waitītiko Meola creek is a small stream perched above a volcanic aquifer – the largest under Auckland Council’s protection.  Historically it connected many wetlands as shown below.


Because of their role in filtering pollutants, STEPS advocates many more urban wetlands, especially here in Auckland where stormwater and sewage regularly flood our catchment. You can read our talk and see historic photos of the STEPS wetland as it has evolved over 3-4 decades, under the leadership of Roy Clements and Nick Goldwater here.

Myrtle Rust infection

March 29th, 2018

STEPS reported an infected hedge near St Lukes on 13 March.

This posed a major threat to many of the special trees in nearby Roy Clements Treeway.

It took some time to get permits for removal on this public walkway but was removed by 12 April. We thank Auckland Council for the care taken here and also with the infected lophomyrtus on the treeway.

We ask members to keep a look out, especially on ramarama plants, also pohutakawa, rata manuka and kanuka. Call MPI biosecurity hotline – 0800 80 99 66 immediately if you find it, and do not touch.

For more information go to DOC Myrtle Rust info. And see MPI’s new approach info  – April update.

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