ARC to monitor Meola Creek

September 22nd, 2008

On 16 September 2008, we were advised by Judith Bassett, ARC Councillor that ARC has thoroughly discussed STEPS concerns about Meola Creek. These concerns were first raised with ARC when Judith and ARC officers were invited to present to us on 20 Sept 2007. They have been followed by a recent letter from the Eden Albert Community Board, (see previous blog post), and also concern from STEPS that ARC provided a non-notifed resource consent allowing Housing NZ to move the creek bed above Haverstock Rd – in advance of the hearings for ACC resource consents.

ARC will follow up the letter to Watercare asking about their priorities and management of the stream.

Auckland Regional Councillors have also advised council officers that:

  1. STEPS concern is not limited to sewage but to other contaminants as well.
  2. They must determine where the stream should be and where the
    “overland flow path” is meant to be.
  3. They must also consider concerns about Meola Reef, (where Meola Creek discharges to the Witemata Harbour)
  4. The most practical thing requested was a process of regular monitoring to establish a baseline as you asked us to do. Relying on complaints is no good.
  5. Once the baseline is established we can have a systematic monitoring process to try to find out what is really happening to the stream and whether Watercare can do more to mitigate
    the adverse effects.

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