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STEPS AGM 2011 report and Meola 2010/2011 Update in Pictures

July 10th, 2011

STEPS held its 2011 AGM on 30 June. A lively discussion was held with a panel including:

– David Bowden Auckland Council

– Matt Davis, Auckland Council

– Mike Sheffield Watercare Services

– Melissa Marler

– Nick Goldwater.

Click here for a summary of the AGM and click here for a pictorial summary of activities 2010-2011, with slides showing the creek and surrounding areas as they appeared in this calendar year.

Meola Reef Picnic

March 19th, 2009

Nick Goldwater, Deputy Chair of STEPS will speak at the Meola Reef picnic Saturday, 21 March.  STEPS members are very pleased to join with other community groups and people who care for the Meola creek and estuary.