Planting on Roy Clements Treeway 18 July 2010

September 22nd, 2010

A very large group of volunteers turned up to help with planting the north eastern corner of the walk way near the Watercare Services Eden branch overflow (area 5a on the planting plan).

Selene, Taryn and Caleb from Morphum were there early to unload and lay out the plants. Then we had a large group  from Bhaska who helped STEPS and others to get 800 plants in the ground in record time. The plant list is attached, though a few substitutions were made: the tree fuchsia was replaced with the groundcover Fuchsia procumbens, Coprosma rhamnoides with Coprosma propinqua and Corokia buddleoides with Corokia cotoneaster.

Thanks to Morphum for their generosity in providing plants, time and the expertise to plan and make it happen. Our grateful thanks to all the people from Bhaska, and other volunteers including some from Rasheed Trust,  John and Jane from Teradata, and Sel, Nick and Stan. We were also thrilled to have Onno Ursem from Metrowater contributing his time. Onno was the first person from our local authorities to arrange the creekside plantings by the bridge in the Kerr-Taylor Reserve. Thanks Onno – we wish you and your family well on your travels and look forward to your return and ongoing involvement with Meola.

Some photos are attached – others are available also if you contact us via this site we can email them to you.

Post script: September 2010.  Thanks also to neighbours Peter and John who are helpfully tracking down plants which have been removed from time to time and replanting them. It makes such a difference to have active and ongoing contributions to improving the creekside.

Planting Schedule Morphum 2010

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