Current Projects – Signs in Roy Clements Treeway

December 9th, 2016

STEPS has asked Auckland Council for updates to the interpretive  signs on the Roy Clements treeway, and 7 signs are now in the Albert Eden Local Board budget for July 2016-June 2017.

We are modifying existing signs, updating the text / photos and relocating some;  adding also a map.   One particular concern we have is in relation to the strength and nature of the materials and their accessibility / location. Since vandalism (tagging) remains an issue AC cleans them regularly. AC will soon appoint a technical designer to assist.


STEPS has drafted text and started collecting photos old and new. Some of the main topics we are working with are:

  • Mount Albert Grammar School and Roy Clements
  • Community restoration planting
  • Health of waterways
  • Wetlands
  • Springs and aquifers


We also plan the use of QR codes for more detail, by placing on each sign a QR code which refers to a particular web page. People use their mobiles to link for further information.  – eg species list for each different location.  Over time we could include birds & fish as well as plants.

If you have photos or ideas please contact us through our web site.

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