Save water and save the planet!

March 10th, 2017

As of today, Aucklanders have been asked reduce water-use by 20 litres per day.  The extreme storm event this week reduced Watercare Services’ ability to process drinking water from the Hunuas and they need to wait for the dam to settle and the water to clarify over a few weeks before processing water at full capacity.

How do you know how much you normally use?  Take a look on your Watercare bill – on the back it shows how much water you use each day. For instance – our 2-person household uses about 200 litres – well within the band of a ‘normal’ one person household.

How do you make water savings? A bucket of water is about 10 litres, so how can we save 2 buckets per day?  Here are some hints:   Water savings  and Smarter Homes .

Let’s help ourselves by reducing our water bills, and help Auckland to “save the planet” at the same time.


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