Stormwater and Fresh Water Submissions

April 3rd, 2017

STEPS has been campaigning for improvements in storm water for over 10 years now.

While we are involved with the Central Interceptor project, that is at best an interim approach which will not deal with the major overflows.  (See the pictures from the flood this month at  )

See our STEPS  submission on the annual budget which seeks action from the Auckland Council Healthy Waters (formerly stormwater) team, initially in the form of a visible stormwater strategy/ policy, and to be followed by stormwater infrastructure.

We wrote to Councillors Casey and Fletcher, and the Albert Eden Local Board seeking their active support in asking the Mayor and Council to address the unacceptable flooding of our streets and the contamination of Meola Creek by runoff and sewage overflows from combined sewers.

We believe that Councillors Fletcher and Casey and the Albert Eden Local Board understand the issues and we have asked them to act on our behalf, in the interests of Albert Eden Roskill residents.

Further,  a new “Stop Auckland Sewage Overflows Coalition” set up by Herne Bay and St Marys Bay Residents Associations has been recognised by Auckland Council as ‘Key Stakeholders’. Manukau Harbour Groups and others are members of it, and STEPS is sharing information.  Here is their submission on the annual plan. Coalition submission to Auckland Council 27.3.17 final  STEPS is delighted to hear opposition to combined sewers from this large group.

At this time, Auckland Council is preparing its submission on the Ministry for the Environment’s ‘Clean Water Package’. In STEPS’ view the Government package  has missed the boat entirely by focusing only on rural interests and ignoring swimmability / deposition issues in Auckland. We plan to submit before 28 April close date.

The Auckland Council Environment and Community Committee discussed this package  on 4 April; you can listen at After a robust discussion,  Councillors Mike Lee, Cashmore, and Darby were asked to assist Auckland Council Healthy Waters  team to make it clear to Government that Aucklanders expect a much higher standard of water quality in creeks and harbours, and on the beaches where our large population swims.  We look forward to their submission on our behalf.

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