Successful Neighbours’ Day on Kerr-Taylor Reserve

April 3rd, 2017

On 2 April 2017 Fergusson Avenue residents, neighbours and STEPS members enjoyed a traditional NZ summer picnic on the Kerr Taylor Reserve.   We had a bouncy castle for kids and a sausage sizzle. Everyone brought food to share and a picnic rug to sit on. The event was delayed a week because of wet weather, so it was held on the first day after daylight saving, an hour later than usual.

At least 54 people attended – this could be an all-time record!   Younger children played on the castle from 2.30 pm onwards. Two sports minded fathers threw frisbees with older children, so many parents could lie back and relax while meeting some new people. We welcomed several families new to Fergusson Ave since our last picnic, and some new STEPS members.  We also welcomed four wonderful homestay students from Austria and their host Reuben. They helped by keeping count and providing chairs from home. They enjoyed the Roy Clements treeway so much they said they could sit there for an hour just watching and listening to tui. At the end some young families were entertained by a short sketch from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ staying until almost 6pm as the rain clouds loomed to the west.

Neighbours 2017

Thanks to Mike and Talia for arranging the bouncy castle with Neverland, John for cooking the sausages, Pat for providing the barbecue and table. And thanks to the many people who turned up, including Peter and Ori who played sports with older children.  Finally special thanks to June and Ellen for arranging behind the scenes.

Thanks to Albert Eden Local Board for their support. AlbertEden LB logo



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  1. Ellenon 12 Apr 2017 at 12:16 am

    sounds like a great success, indeed, great that so many new and “old” people joined in. well done all! E.

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  3. […] had fantastic Neighbours’ days in recent years, so please join us and get to know your old and new neighbours even […]

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