Some ways to contribute to our local environment

July 14th, 2017

Looking for ways to help the community and the local environment?  Below are a few ideas – see also the blog giving contact numbers.

Contact STEPS to become a member, volunteer, help out with weeds, or share concerns

  • Pick up rubbish – let people know dropping rubbish is not acceptable
  • See dead or wounded animals in the park – call Auckland Council Parks
  • See an open or flowing manhole – call Auckland Council

  • Call the pollution hotline when you see a dirty stream – they may find the source of the problem
  • Call the supermarket when you see their trolleys in the creek
  • Wheel trolleys out of parks and on to the street for pickup

  • Use gobi blocks/ permeable surface in your back yard instead of concrete

a catchment with 10-20% impervious surface may receive twice the original stormwater runoff volumes during a storm;  a catchment with 35-50%  impervious area may experience a three-fold increase;        and with 75%+ impervious, an area will have a five-fold increase in stormwater

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