Waititiko Meola Contact Numbers

July 14th, 2017

If you see a problem in parks or creeks – please phone it in.  Below are some key contact numbers, and also some street addresses for the upper creek/ Roy Clements Treeway/ Kerr Taylor Park, so you can help them locate the problem.


If there is a missing, dislodged or damaged manhole cover, or a blocked public drain, phone:

  • Auckland Council – Healthy Waters urgently on 09 301 0101

“48% of stormwater in combined sewer areas comes from Auckland Transport roads

52% from private property roofs and impervious surfaces”


Pollution in the water

For stormwater pollution, including pollutants being discharged into creeks and streams

  • Auckland Council Pollution Hotline 09  377 3107 

Damage to Parks, streams, or dead/ wounded animals in parks

Trolley Information

If you find trolleys in the creek, please phone them in to the retailer.

  • 0800-404040 or St Lukes Branch 2552382 -blue and green handle
  • Warehouse ; 09 8469534 – red ones
  • Kmart 0800 944553  – other red ones

Then post a photo on Facebook or Neighbourly if still there.

 Street Addresses – Roy Clements Treeway, Kerr Taylor Park, Ahurangi

  • Roy Clements Treeway 30 Alberton Ave  or
  • Roy Clements Treeway 15 Lyon Ave or
  • Roy Clements Treeway 1 Wagener Pl (Noel Leeming carpark)
  • Kerr Taylor Park 35 Fergusson Ave or
  • Kerr Taylor Park 164A Haverstock Rd

Kerr Taylor Park is also called Fergusson Reserve!

“Every millimetre of rain falling on a square meter of impermeable surface produces one litre of stormwater runoff”  – Auckland Council. 


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