Auckland Council Applies for Discharge Consent Including Sewage Overflows

Auckland Council’s “Healthy Waters” have submitted a “35 year Auckland-wide stormwater network discharge consent” application, to Auckland Council.

This is the consent that will allow sewage to be discharged into Meola Waititiko (and many other waterways) allowing the streams to continue to be open sewers in our neighbourhoods, and poison our harbours and beaches.

A supporting “assessment of environmental effects” document states two pertinent facts:

  • “Discharges of untreated wastewater to land, streams and the coast generally occur as a result of the network overflowing”
  • “Benefits from limited resources are maximised by targeting our priorities to achieve the best outcomes we can afford.”

While it is unlikely that there is any option but to grant this consent, as there is no immediate alternative, this is not good enough for Auckland, and certainly was not the kind of consent that the Resource Management Act intended to enable, so make a submission and have your say!

Submissions are open until 20th of March, and can be made here:  Resource Consent Submissions

More information (including the “Assessment of Environmental Effects”) can be found here: Resource Consent Application

For proposed STEPS response see our blog on this site dated 11 March 2018.

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