MAGS, Moth Plant and Meola

May 22nd, 2018

Moth plant is one of our most invasive plants along Waititiko Meola, together with tree privet and woolly nightshade (see

moth plant - Main species image

STEPS has been supporting a Mt Albert Grammar School (MAGS) “moth plant competition”.   Michael Ashby Chair of MAGS Environment club wrote:  [STEPS] contribution went towards the purchase of prizes for students who collected over 1,000 pods. Unless they were in the Top 5, they could have conceivably won nothing. The funds ensured that every entry above 1,000 pods received at least a $100 prize. For the “not Top 5 but at least 1,000 pods” this was a $100 Westfields voucher. ?

Please let STEPS know that we were very grateful for this contribution. It meant that all up we had $3,700 in prize money 

You can hear Michael talking about it at:

Our Congratulations to MAGS Environment Club and MAGS Pupils for making a difference!

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