NZ Water Sector Reform Proposals

August 1st, 2019

On 31 July 2019 NZ Government announced proposals for water sector reform.  A primary interest of STEPS and many Aucklanders may be stormwater, but drinking water will be the first to come under the authority of a proposed new water regulator. We understand this is likely to be followed by wastewater.  Most Aucklanders receive drinking water and waste water treatment services from Watercare Services Limited, an Auckland Council controlled organisation.

Below is some information provided by Water NZ.

“The first stages of the long-awaited proposals for water sector reform have just been announced by the Government. These signal important and ground-breaking changes to the regulatory environment around drinking water. Take a look at our media release and the Cabinet papers.

View Pipeline for 1 August online here. 

Cabinet Paper on the 3 Waters Review

Please find below the Cabinet Paper and press statement from the Minister of Local Government announcing the establishment of a new drinking water regulator. An analysis of this announcement will be included in the next issue of the Water Journal.

  • Cabinet paper, minute, and Regulatory Impact Assessment – Strengthening the regulation of drinking water, wastewater and stormwater – July 2019
  • Cabinet paper and minute – A plan for three waters reform – July 2019
  • Dedicated watchdog for water quality
  • Three waters: Regulatory roles of Central vs Regional Government

Water NZ Media release

Water NZ Media release and commentary on the Government’s announcement is here.

[Water New Zealand is the principal voice for the water sector, focusing on the sustainable management and promotion of the water environment and encompassing the three waters : drinking water, waste and storm waters.]

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