Water – the giver of life

August 24th, 2020

Ko te wai te ora ngā mea katoa. Water is the life giver of all things. This whakatauki is a very simple truth, which we ignore at our peril.

The Ministry for the Environment’s 2020 freshwater report outlines the scale of the country’s pollution problem and makes many references to Māori ways of thinking, but what does it take to really understand an issue from another culture’s perspective?

I recently completed a short course which helped me understand some of the truths known to Māori, and the rich and diverse stories which illustrate them. Several Māori academics contributed – geologists, art historians, and others. The links are at https://www.newsroom.co.nz/ideasroom/where-water-and-culture-collides It took me 4-6 hours but you could spend much more time exploring all the resources.

I recommend enrolling today! It’s a great way to get through level 3 Covid measures.

Waitītiko-Meola Creek after rain.

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