eDNA Results for Waitītiko Meola Creek

July 10th, 2021

Recently STEPS was invited to carry out eDNA testing thanks to Wai Tūwhera o te Taiao programme of the EPA (Environmental Protection Authority).

We found some good news: DNA evidence of two at risk native species were found – inanga and long fin eel, in the lower part of the creek between Chamberlain Park and Pasadena Intermediate. This is a positive sign and makes it plain why the volunteer work of so many people is making a difference to the health of this creek.

Sadly at least 3 pest species were found – mostly in the upper creek where stormwater overflows from combined sewers occur frequently. The pest species are: koi carp, mosquitofish,  & catfish.

If you would like more information, or want to work with us to take regular water samples, please contact us via this page.

Fauna in water sample, Roy Clement Treeway 2019

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