September 6th, 2016

Meola Creek catchment

Meola catchment is bounded by Meola Reef, Maungawhau, Three Kings and Owairaka. Purple pipes show combined sewers of sewage and stormwater.

IMG_6180 c wetland fog

Meola wetland mist 2011

IMG_2014 c

Roy Clements surveys Ahurangi

Hydrogeological model Meola v1

Hydrogeological model Meola

Kerr-Taylor Reserve 2007

Kerr-Taylor Reserve 2007


Roy Clements Treeway flood plain 2007 before STEPS plantng


Planting STEPS wetland 2008

Boardwalk under water

Boardwalk under water 2010


Volunteers planting STEPS wetland

Mayor Len Brown visits Meola Creek

Mayor Len Brown visits Meola Creek 2011

IMG_5486 C

Cr Christine Fletcher visits Meola Creek  2010

P1020229 c

Meola Creek 2005 Kerr-Taylor reserve

IMG_0119 c

Meola Creek 2010 Kerr-Taylor reserve

P1030030 c eel

Eels at water inlet 2009

IMG_4816 c oratia

Geoff Davidson and Nick Goldwater 2010 planting

Ahurangi Poster Page 1

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