MAGS wants to shut gate on neighbours

June 16th, 2010

Mount Albert Grammar School Cuts Community Links
STEPS is very disappointed at recent initiatives by Mt Albert Grammar School (MAGS) to cut down old trees, build a high iron fence, and block the path which links the MAGS school farm and Alberton Ave with Kerr Taylor Reserve, Meola Creek and Fergusson Ave.

Over the past few years STEPS and MAGS have worked very well together – and only 2 weeks ago STEPS planted the stream side in the school grounds near the boarding school. So STEPS was shocked when MAGS started cutting down some old and stately trees along its Eastern Boundary with the Reserve. MAGS had also blocked the path through to the school farm – apparently for some leaky building site works.

STEPS held two meetings with MAGS over a 12 month period. At the first the school representative denied any knowledge when questioned about school plans regarding the path. In the past week it appears that Head Master Dale Burden has left instructions that the fence is to be finished during his absence in Europe on a fellowship; and that the path to the farm will not be reopened.

The work done by MAGS to help build and plant a boardwalk along the creek, and to fence off and protect the upper tributary which is on their farm is very good. But now they run the risk of severing for all time the links between the two tributaries; and the pedestrian links between Mt Albert and Sandringham. The trees are already gone (see photos attached).

ACTION: If you do not agree with this – please contact STEPS (via this website) or MAGS Headmaster – and cc: STEPS.


Boundary trees before pruning

Boundary trees before felling

Boundary trees now

Boundary trees now

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