Central Interceptor Hearings – Submissions from STEPS, MARA and others

August 25th, 2013

On Friday 2nd August STEPS presented an oral submission to the Hearing (see link below).

We are opposing the use of the Roy Clements Treeway as a site on the basis that it would fragment and diminish one of the few very small natural areas in Mt Albert.

Together with submissions by St Lukes Garden Apartments Body Corporate and MARA (see link below), we asked them to look at possible alternatives which would avoid destruction of so many trees over such a large area.

STEPS submission: STEPS Central Interceptor Hearing 2013 August

MARA submission: MARA Watercare Central Interceptor Summary of Evidence

We were followed by a very thought provoking and informed presentation by Joel Cayford which outlined some of the wider issues.


…  “The overall Central Interceptor project involves further regional consents for the CSO Collector Sewer works … and a network discharge consent…..” … One key question is why the resource consents for this large tunnel project are being considered in advance of the overall network discharge consent.

STEPS notes that according to Watercare’s coloured pictures (though no supporting data) Meola Creek overflows will be significantly reduced but will remain the largest overflow points on the Auckland isthmus after the Central Interceptor is completed. This means we have an ongoing interest and Meola Creek will form part of the sewerage network for probably the next century or more.

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