Waitītiko Meola Creek and Chamberlain Park

August 1st, 2019

Albert Eden Local Board (AELB) has a Master Plan for Chamberlain Park and a Naturalisation Plan for Waitītiko Meola Creek.

AELB has been communicating with Board Members, Councillors and some Albert Eden ratepayers in relation to Chamberlain Park. STEPS yesterday contributed the perspective below. We welcome comment from our members.

Tena Koe,

Peter we thank Albert Eden Local Board for supporting the restoration of Waitītiko Meola Creek and once again congratulate you on gaining the support of the Governing Body for the board’s selected project.

We look forward to improved biodiversity and ecological restoration of the creek, along with improved public access to our awa, and enrichment of the bird corridor. History shows us that these kinds of restoration projects can in fact forge stronger community bonds. We are of course pleased that you gained iwi support for the ecological aspects during your consultation.

STEPS is as you say actively working with Auckland Council,  Albert Eden Local Board and Watercare for the restoration of the entire creek. We are indeed disappointed that our weeding project has been halted because of legal issues.

I found the range of views during the Auckland Council debate very interesting, and while I was delighted by the degree of enthusiasm for the aquifer, Waititiko and biodiversity we should state that at this point the awa still hosts annually approximately 1 million cubic meters of stormwater driven waste-water overflows – half the total overflow amount estimated to pour into Waitemata Harbour down one much overused and valuable spring fed creek.  Over the past 15 years STEPS has often felt like a very lonely voice in our advocacy and is pleased that Healthy Waters and Watercare are now collaborating to come up with some possible stormwater and sedimentation reduction options. Without this work, our community projects and our awa will never reach their full potential, and any improvements will be constrained. We look forward to understanding how wetlands will be used to enhance the value of the creek and fully support any such local stormwater treatment.

As you know Watercare hold regular public meetings about the Central Interceptor. The Meola Community Liaison Group has an extensive list of stakeholders and attendees. Local residents near the Meola Central Interceptor sites can be advised of meetings by contacting the secretary aldshanks@gmail.com

We invite all those who support Waitītiko Meola Creek restoration to an upcoming wetland planting funded by AELB and AC in a week or two:


Nāku iti noa, nā


Elizabeth Walker

Chair,  STEPS

St Lukes Environmental Protection Society Inc

+64-9-815-3539   www.meolacreek.org.nz


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