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Species list for Roy Clements Treeway

September 10th, 2016

The attached species list was compiled in 2016 by Sel Arbuckle and Liz Walker. Nick Goldwater has now added a few more wetland species. STEPS thanks Sel and Nick.

If you have additional information please contact us via our web site.

PLANTS Meola 2016 BW Nov

Info was also added from:
Esler, AE. Changes in the native plant cover of urban Auckland, New Zealand, NZ Journal of Botany, 1991, Vol 29, 177-196
Key to Community:
C coastal under influence of salt water
W wetland freshwater, open country
S scrub woody, devping thru manuka/ kanuka
F forest tall, little or no manuka/ kanuka
O open dry to moist open places

STEPS AGM 2011 report and Meola 2010/2011 Update in Pictures

July 10th, 2011

STEPS held its 2011 AGM on 30 June. A lively discussion was held with a panel including:

– David Bowden Auckland Council

– Matt Davis, Auckland Council

– Mike Sheffield Watercare Services

– Melissa Marler

– Nick Goldwater.

Click here for a summary of the AGM and click here for a pictorial summary of activities 2010-2011, with slides showing the creek and surrounding areas as they appeared in this calendar year.

Auckland City Mayor, Len Brown, visits Meola Walkway

July 10th, 2011

STEPS hosted a walk through the new plantings with Mayor Len Brown on Saturday 11th June.

The Mayor displayed a keen interest in both the fundamental sewerage and stormwater issues underlying many of the problems of the upper Meola Creek; and in the recent plantings and boardwalk which fit closely with the vision for “green fingers” extending inland from Watemata and Manukau Harbours.

STEPS’ vision for a walkway from our maunga at Owairaka to Te Tokaroa/ Meola Reef on the Waitemata Harbour fits well with this vision and the Local Board Chair and members who accompanied the Mayor extended an invitation to STEPS to review our portfolio of planned projects with them.

The Mayor has met with Watercare Services regarding dates for the new Central Interceptor project, and he is now planning to meet with the local business community regarding support for Meola Creek on 9 August 2011.

We thank the Mayor for his time and support for this important Auckland stream and ecological area.

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